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Happy and Healthy

We are dedicated to breeding happy, healthy Havanese with sound temperaments. We guarantee through health testing and selective breeding of well-chosen bloodlines, you will be receiving a healthy puppy with the best qualities of the Havanese, that will be enjoyed for many years. 

Our grandchildren, aka "the socializing committee," take great pride in ensuring the puppy you take home loves children and has a positive and adventurous outlook on life.

Sidekick Havanese

Is Havanese Right for You?

Havanese are very intelligent yet gentle dogs with a highly affectionate demeanor, and they especially thrive when they are a valued family member. They "live to love" you! They are fun-loving, happy-go-lucky, and extremely devoted.

Do not get a Havanese if you do not have time to include it in your family as they do not do well if left alone too much. Remember, they are bred to be companions, and they are at their happiest when they are doing just that! 

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Sidekick Havanese

Tips and Info


Havanese do require regular brushings several times a week. This helps to keep their coat healthy and growing. They are often kept in a shorter puppy cut which is easier to keep up with and is still super cute. They need regular cleaning of their eyes, ears, and teeth, as well as nail trimming. We offer complete maintenance advice to help you keep your new "baby" healthy and feeling good.


We belong to or have previously belonged to The Havanese Club of America, Therapy Dogs International, Oklahoma City Training and Obedience Club, and The Red River Havanese Club.


Thank you for visiting our "family" of the most precious, beautiful Havanese anywhere. We work very hard to raise premier Havanese that can become future champions or your best friend. Just come see for yourself! Visitors are always welcome! Feel free to contact us with any questions by email or phone. Additional references are available.