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Havanese puppies in Oklahoma City

We live and enjoy raising Havanese puppies  on our acreage in Oklahoma City.  We have been lifelong lovers of dogs, enjoying and sharing many activities with them over the years including conformation, obedience, herding, therapy, and extended "couch time."  THEN....we met Casper!  We brought Casper home to help fill my "empty nest."  Well, as anyone who has a Havanese baby already knows, he did that and so much more!  He proceeded to sit happily between us to navigate his way to his new home sharing kisses all the way.  He made it his job to follow my every step (and I do mean every!), perform cute antics to make me laugh and to snuggle into every inch of my personal space.  We were hooked!  Casper was a wonderful companion and therapy dog, bringing smiles and comfort to many people and, in fact, was quite "famous" not only with my second graders, but throughout the entire school. Casper also made many special friends during our frequent hospital visits.       


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